Grant Fund Process

Assuring the future of nursing through grants, scholarships, education and recruitment

IONE Grants

The IONE License Plate Fund’s  purpose is to support the research and educational priorities of IONE. This Grant Awards timeline defines the process utilized to allocate proceeds from the fund to individuals engaged in nursing leadership research and organizations working to improve nursing in Indiana, whether it is activities focused on scholarship and education, nursing image, recruitment measures for individuals or specific groups, etc. All grants must align with IONE’s strategic priorities.

Funds from the plate are not intended for:

  1. Distribution to hospitals or hospital departmental projects for education

Nurses’ License Plate Grant Application Timeline

AUGUST 31, 2019

IONE  License Plate Grant Program call for proposals open.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2019

2019 License Plate Grant Application (PDF) – Download and complete
2019 IONE Grant Budget Worksheet (Excel file) – Download and complete with application

Submit completed license plate grant application to IONE no later than September 30th of any given year.

Nursing Leadership Research grant application to contain the following:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Research should focus in one of these areas:Evidenced Based Practice: Appropriate translation and utilization of nursing research to guide practice and further inquiry;Leadership – Indicators of readiness for, and factors that influence success in, formal leadership roles;or Enhancing the pipeline for nursing educators: innovative approaches to attract high talent to faculty roles.
  3. Research proposal (not to exceed 10 pages) outlining the research topic, background (relevance to IONE strategic priorities), methodology, analytic plan, and plan for disseminating results.
  4. Proof of IRB approval, or expected date of approval.
  5. A short bio-sketch (not to exceed 2 pages) for each member of the research team.
  6. Two letters of support as applicable to project
  7. Budget worksheet (required prior to issuing grant and at end of year)

Education and organization grant application to contain the following:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Description of your organization including mission and values
  3. Description of how funds will be used.
  4. Completed budget worksheet ( required prior to issuing grant and at end of the year)

OCTOBER 18, 2019

Nursing Leadership Grant applications reviewed by a panel of researchers and recommendation made to the IONE Board of Directors

Education and Organizational Grant applications reviewed and final decision is made by IONE Board of Directors.

District President reviews and affirms that regional projects meet the needs of the designated area.


Selected applicants notified by IONE President.

Funds distributed to chosen organizations and nurse researcher.

APRIL 2020

Recipients will be recognized at the Spring Conference.

Organization receiving License Plate funds will report to IONE on the actual use of funds and outcomes as outlined on application.

JUNE 2020

Midterm report due IONE License Plate Fund Committee Chair


Nursing Leadership Grant recipient presents research at Fall Conference. (if completed) If not completed will present the following Spring.


 Final report due to include budget worksheet to the License Plate Committee Chair. If not received, will not be considered for the next grant cycle.


Indiana Organization of Nurse Executives (IONE) is able to provide this unique contribution to the profession of nursing in Indiana because of the global, profession-wide focus of the organization.  We do not represent one specialty, region or institution.  The plate does not specify IONE but, rather, focuses on professional pride of all registered nurses.  IONE markets the plate to all nurses and returns the proceeds to these state-wide nursing activities.